grant & proposal writing     

Conveying your vision in the written form is just as important as communicating that message verbally or visually.  But sometimes the best visions get lost in the writing, with narratives that are unorganized, poorly drafted, and difficult to follow.  Brick & Story can bring your vision to life on the written page and help to craft your story so that you can deliver a winning proposal.




Bringing different people together around a common idea is one of the key facets of Brick & Story's mission.  No project is the same, and while every project is based on one vision, that vision has to be conveyed in numerous ways in order to reach the different stakeholders and speak to their respective interests and priorities.  Brick & Story can look at your project goals and the stakeholders impacted by your project and craft and implement an engagement approach that is sincere, meaningful, impactful, and effective.


It's not what you say, but how you say it (and sometimes, it's a little bit of both).  Brick & Story can help you determine the best words and tools with which to deliver your message to your desired audience.



Because Brick & Story combines expertise in effective communication strategies with foundational knowledge in urban planning and policy, our team is able to translate our unique services to the policy realm in the form of presentations, white papers, and other tools that can help you convey your ideas or position on public policy and lend your voice to the public process.


Perhaps you are a new small business looking to develop your corporate presence in the market.  Or perhaps you are an established company looking to refresh your image. Brick & Story has a track record of helping companies develop and implement strategic business development plans, create effective marketing and presentation packages, and analyze potential pursuits for feasibility and likelihood of success.  




Sometimes the written word does not deliver the message, and visual or verbal delivery is the best way to convey your vision.  When seeing is truly believing, Brick & Story can customize a visual presentation that will communication your ideas and leave an impact on your audience.  In addition to visual support, Brick & Story can help deliver an auditory script so that the verbal delivery is as effective as the visual.  Brick & Story can also assist with speechwriting and, in the case of those folks who may be of the shy variety, presentation coaching to help you and your team deliver your vision with confidence and conviction.