The Aspen Institute Panel

Brick & Story’s Principal, LaToya Thomas, is excited to be a partner with the Aspen Institute’s Weave: The Social Fabric Project, which dares to ask how we as a human society shift from states of isolation to states of community and connectedness.  Learn more about Weave here, and check out the video from The Aspen Institute’s March 2019 panel entitled “The Art of Neighboring” featuring David Brooks as Moderator and Nextdoor’s CEO and Aspen Finance Leader Fellow Sarah Friar, Author of The Vanishing Neighbor: The Transformation of American Community Marc Dunkelman, and Principal & Founder of Brick & Story, LaToya Thomas.

South by southwest conference

In February, we made the pilgrimage to SXSW in the great city of Austin, Texas to check out what people are creating and innovation both in the US and abroad.  From dynamic interactive pop-up spaces to creative conversations around storytelling and placemaking, we took it all in!

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